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Amb. Engr. Obisike Okechukwu Elechi- Director

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Globavasity, Institute of continuous and vocational education, Port Harcourt; a subsidiary of Glovas Technology services established in 2001, but became incorporated in 2012 by Engr. Obisike Okechukwu Elechi, a graduate of petroleum Engineering, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. Through Divine intervention, he discovered a systematic and dramatized method of teaching adults how to read and write within three (3) months then as an undergraduate. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the methodology, we usually have large population wherever the adult literacy programs are located. People are always amazed on our expertise, such that some say we do MAGIC and others say it is MIRACLE. But for us, we have gotten the right method. Yes, we are inspired and commissioned by God also accredited by NMEC and NOGALSS as an NGO for mass literacy in Nigeria.

OUR VISION: To wipe out mass illiteracy in Nigeria by 2030.

OUR MISSION: To establish functional adult literacy centres in all the towns and villages in this country Nigeria, through partnership.

STANDARD VALUE: We are committed to ensuring that our methodology and procedures are designed to conform fully with applicable national and international quality of functional literacy and adult education standards.

But we are looking forward to a time when it would be FREE for all through sponsorships. This year 2019 we already have more than 50 centers and we are working towards having more than 100 centers and we intend to train more than 10,000 adults and youths for real, if we ensure proper or adequate grass –root campaigns and awareness through partnership and sponsorship. Globavasity is using this medium to call on the Government, NGO’s, multi-national companies, Religious leaders, politicians, and others for partnership and or sponsorship to enable us eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria. This is because our unique methodology as enshrined in our MANUAL and DVD works as though it is magic or miracle and is capable of causing mass literacy revolution in Nigeria, if adopted for nationwide use. We want to mass produce the reading and writing MANUAL and DVD for nationwide consumptions or use; but lack the capital to do so. We promise to judiciously manage the funds that we will receive for support and use it to increase our efforts five times or more in a geometric order year after year till 2030.


  • Inspired by God for mass literacy - Globavasity.
  • We have the best methodology; no cramming, no struggle and learning is effective, efficient and effortlessly.
  • Our experience of over 18 years.
  • We have the technical know – how; manpower and learning resources.
  • Our unique teaching skills – Dramatized,
  • We teach from simple to complex or reality to familiarity.
  • High population of adult illiterates- the market is big (75 million people)
  • We use participatory methods which involves step by step approach.
  • We are very innovative – shortest time with great results.
  • We ensure originality or ingenuity.
  • Promotion of student is by individual ability.
  • No holidays except otherwise instructed.
  • Our best unique materials (Books & DVDS),
  • Low tuition fee of #1000 per month.
  • And Lots more.

    I am Ambassador Engr. Obisike Okechukwu Elechi, the director Globavasity institute of continuous and vocational education, Port Harcourt. A graduate of petroleum engineering, Rivers state university of science and technology. A native of Ozuoha town in Ikwerre local government area of Rivers state, Nigeria. Happily married with four children, author of many books and a born teacher, inspired and commissioned by God for mass literacy programs in Nigeria. This is evident in the number of unique books and DVDs I have published. A man so passionate and diligent in waging war against mass illiteracy, since 2001, and has made tremendous progress without any support from anybody, NGO or Government.

    If supported for this project of mass literacy in Nigeria, I promised to judiciously and jealously manage the fund very well and use it to establish hundreds and thousands of centers across the country – Nigeria, through sponsorship and partnership. But more importantly is to engage in nationwide mass literacy campaigns through our literacy programs on radio, television, and social media and so on. I am so sure and convinced that the display of our methodology or video on television / radio will cause dramatic commotions among the general public and that will trigger the start of a mass literacy revolution in Nigeria.
    Yes, it is true that passionately I and my family suffered to sustain this program for eighteen (18) years, since 2001. And have spent over three hundred million (#300,000,000). Also last three years ago 2017 to 2019, I sold my inheritance –land worth #10 MILLION to pay salaries and center rents. Yes it is obvious that I will do anything to protect this ministry of mine (literacy programs), my passion and my investment of over 18 years. Thanks and God bless.

    The word illiteracy is the inability of a person to read, write and speak a particular language of interest, say English language. Then an illiterate is like a deaf, dump, and blind person, who cannot communicate or interact effective with other people. Today in Nigeria such categories of people are too many in our country as confirmed by the Minister of education, Alhaji Adamu Adamu who said “75 million people are illiterates in Nigeria and that it is too high and not good for the country - Vanguard 21, September, 2017.’’ What a disaster, how can the country economy and people grow when 41% of its population cannot access or use cell phones (GSM), ATM –machines (Banks), Read instructional books and many other readables, know their rights, keep proper records, understand their environment, enhance their entrepreneurship skills, acquire life skills, shun inferiority complex, be eligible to be voted for etc. Globavasity – The reading and writing experts, an accredited NGO for mass Literacy in Nigeria by Non-governmental Association for Literacy support services (NOGALSS) and National Commission for mass Education (NMEC) Abuja. An NGO empowered, inspired and commissioned by God to wage war against mass literacy in Nigeria, through our operation wipe out illiteracy in Nigeria by 2030. This we intend to achieve by establishing numerous centers in all towns and villages in Nigeria, through partnerships and sponsorships. We have the best methodology -VERY UNIQUE, the technical knowhow, the experience of over 18years, the teaching and learning resources – Books and DVDS. And we are capable of transforming any stark illiterate within 3 – 6 months of sure bet. At present we have trained over 50,000 adults and have spent more than 300 million naira on mass literacy project since 2001. More so, we have achieved a monthly tuition fee of #1000.
    We are fully prepared to make the program totally free, if only we will have sponsors.



    Globavasity is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) delivering high standard mass literacy services in Nigeria.



    OUR MISSION: To establish functional adult literacy centres in all the towns and villages in this country Nigeria, through partnership.



    STANDARD VALUE: We are committed to ensuring that our methodology and procedures are designed to conform fully with applicable national and international quality of functional literacy