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To wipe out mass illiteracy in Nigeria by 2030.


Globavasity has its arms open welcoming anyone who wishes to be a part of the war against illiteracy in Nigeria through their free will donations. Donations can be made to: Globavasity's bank account Name: GLOVAS TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Account Number: 5824460017 Bank: FCMB


To establish functional adult literacy centres in all the towns and villages in this country Nigeria, through partnership.


Partner with us today to END illiteracy in Nigeria by 2030.
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We are committed to ensuring that our methodology and procedures are designed to conform fully with applicable national and international quality of functional literacy and adult education standards.

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If you're interested in helping in our bid to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria by offering scholarships, here is an avenue to make it happen.
Globavasity's bank account Name: GLOVAS TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Account Number: 5824460017 Bank: FCMB



The word illiteracy is the inability of a person to read, write and speak a particular language of interest, say English language. Then an illiterate is like a deaf, dump, and blind person, who cannot communicate or interact effective with other people. Today in Nigeria such categories of people are too many in our country as confirmed by the Minister of education, Alhaji Adamu Adamu who said “75 million people are illiterates in Nigeria and that it is too high and not good for the country - Vanguard 21, September, 2017.’’

The Proposal

What we intend to do in Nigeria

We want to eradicate or wipe out adults and youths mass illiteracy in Nigeria by 2030, through the inculcation of basic and post literacy skills within 3-6 months of intensive studies or programs. We intend to establish at least 3 or more mass literacy centers in each of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria through partnership and sponsorship. This implies that we would have about 2,322 centers or more and we expect that a center should train about 200 learners or more for one year.

What method to be used

We intend using our unique methodology (best ever method), which involves a well organized, systematic and dramatized method of teaching as enshrined in our Globavasity manual and DVD. This method ensures an effective and efficient teaching and learning of reading and writing skills within (3-6) months sure bet. It has been tested and proven for over 18 years. And people say it works like MAGIC or MIRACLES.

When do we intend to start

We want to do this between now (2019) and 2030. Also we may have it run for full time or part-time, but preferably an evening programs to reduce cost and create favorable time for the adults (4 – 6), (6 – 8)pm or (3 – 5), (6 – 8)pm. Mondays through Fridays. Also we intend to use Saturdays for compulsory computer literacy programs.

What we intend to achieve

This year 2019 in Rivers state and some 6 neighboring states, we intend to train more than 10,000 people on basic and post literacy skills and also to employ about 500 workers or more; facilitators and supervisors inclusive. We however have proposed to spend about 200 million naira in achieving this lofty goal through partnerships and sponsorships. The program is ongoing and we need more campaigns for awareness.

What we are doing in Rivers state and other neighboring states

In this year 2019, we already have about 100 mass literacy centers across all the 23 LGAs in Rivers state and in 6 other states namely; Bayelsa, Akwa- Ibom, Abia, Imo, Delta, Cross Rivers. We plan to train more than 10,000 Adult illiterates in this year 2019 with a minimum target of 100 persons per center.

Where do we intend to run the programs

We want to establish functional adult mass literacy centers in all towns and villages in Nigeria or to locate at least three (3) centers each or more in all the L.G.A’s in Nigeria, through partnership and or sponsorship. Today we have more than 100 centers going on within south –south and south –east of Nigeria.

What is required to run this program

Funds are highly needed for accommodations, generators, desks, books, teachers’ salaries, adverts or campaigns etc. However, about #5 million naira is needed to run a part –time center for one year with a population of 200 or more. And #10 million naira for a full –time center for one year with a population of 500 or more.

Do we have resource or learning materials ?

Yes! We have 10 unique books and DVDs. They are inspired books from God meant for mass literacy programs. Thousands of these books have been sold over the years with great testimonies.

How we intend to raise money or funds

for now I am the sole sponsor of this gigantic project since 2001, 18 years ago. I have sold my inheritance – land worth ten million naira within 2 years now due to economic recession, and used it to support the program. At present we charge #1000 per learner for one month as tuition fee. Also we sell our unique materials very cheap to raise money for the project. However, we intend to raise fund through the following ways;
 partnerships and sponsorships,
 Loans,
 NGO grants,
 Donations and supports,
 Sales of our books and DVDs (mass productions) etc.

And Many More


1. We have published more than 10 unique books and DVDs for our mass literacy programs. And they are very affordable.
2. We have trained about 50,000 adult illiterates within eighteen (18) years. And have spent over #300 million naira on this project of mass literacy in Nigeria.
3. We have more than thirty (30) active literacy centers. And intend to have 100 or more this year.
4. We have eight (8) campaign vehicles and numerous campaign stands at junctions.
5. We run Television and radio programs (Rivers State Television, Wazobia 94.1FM, Treasure fm 98.5).
6. We have more than 200 staff now, and we are working to have about 12,000 staff. Across the 774 L.G.A’S in Nigeria before 2030.
7. We have recognitions from: Rivers State Agency For Adult and Non Formal Education, UNESCO, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), private individuals, religious organizations, NMEC and NOGALSS etc.

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